Wednesday, July 2, 2014


         This Blog is a further development of the revelation of the middle character of the Holy Name as a Menoreh Cemech leading to the Name
 I had been looking at  some parts of the old and new testaments that are very pictorial in description. The merkebeh of the four living creatures in Ezekiel and Revelation and the four steeds of Zecherieh and Revelation. I had been studying peleo-heber which is the oldest form of the letters, drawn as simplified pictures. I began to wonder if some of these images were actually references to letters. So I began to work on
Ezekiel 1 4-6 the four faces. 1 An eagle/vulture, I had learned that the original Eleph was an egyptian vulture, not a bulls head. 2 A lion, of course I thought of the tribe of Jodeh and then the scripture that "still there is a light in Jodeh" so the letter most appropriate as well as significant would be the Cemech drawn like a menoreh tree of life.            3 A man's head, that was easy, a Reish is drawn as a man's head.
  4 The last one was a little more difficult. It is an ox or calf, I had started to realize that the letters also represented banners of different tribes. I found scripture describing the arrangement of the tribes with their banners. Dan to the north, Jodeh to the east, Roehben (vision of a son) to the south and Menneseh to the west.
The sons of Joseph replaced his name in tribes list so I thought about his stay in Egypt, a stranger in a foreign land. The Egyptians disdained them for being herders of sheep and cattle so the letter Lemed came to mind because it is drawn like a shepherd's staff. So the word ESSEREL or transliterated as Israel, enlightened teacher, he will rule as EL(God), referring to the coming Messieh Jesus, The Holy Spirit of our Creator of Spirits come in the flesh of the Lamb the son.                                            And so it went from there until I had the first five word designs. They are all about Jesus Christ.
  This image is actually a photograph through a textured pane of glass
looking at a light. I became intrigued because it reminded me of a poncho with fringed corners and a border all around. The Israelites were told to make a border or fringe on their outer garment using a special color of
violet wool. This image became my model for the word designs.
Light Poncho
The circle and the curve of the square made an interesting shape and reading the description of the eyes round about of the merkebeh of the four living creatures got me thinking because there is a letter called eyin which means fountain of the landscape.
So I put the fountain of living water, Menoreh tree of life in the center and places for four eyeins, letters around. It is also a little map of land and oceans with the center and borders being fresh water.
There is a river whose streams make joyous the Holy City, the dwelling place of our LORD Jec Jesse Jesus!   
There is a word Kenep which means border, edges of a garment, corner, feather, quarter, like four corners, borders, points, wingtips or maybe pen tips, like letters.
This seems to fit the curved square/ light poncho land, dwelling.
In proverb 8:27  there is a phrase of a compass or circle drawn  on the face of the deep. The perfect Holy Pattern is Jesus Christ
Proverb 8:22
Is 12:3 With Joy you shall draw from the wells of salvation!

Four Living Creatures

Pearlstone of Holy Knowledge
 I continued to read the Bible and Strong's Heber lexicon and an idea came together as the word designs grew in number that it was going to be  a design of the  Eternel Holy City Jerescelem. The four corners are the four doors or gates. They are more complicated using seven, like the seven facets of the cap stone in Zecherieh. Three word designs are a progression toward the door that follows. So there are twelve smaller word designs and four larger gates.  Each of one Pearl/stone of  knowledge, the  revelation of  the Holy Name Jec Jesse Jesus.
 The order is counter clockwise beginning with old testament prophecy leading to the birth of the Lamb. The next leg is the life, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ leading to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Then the Church age leading to the return of our Lord calling us up out of the grave to meet him in the clouds in the Holy City.
The final progression is some very beautiful words that talk of mercy, correction, raising in the Spirit to become people acceptable and kind toward our Creator !, to dwell in Holiness forever.
  There is a page for each word design progression with more in depth explanation.
 I have really enjoyed doing this project and have gotten so much out of it for myself, I hope it is enriching for you as well.
                                                             Our Lite is Joy!

A pastor once told me that when studying the bible it is good to look at both the old and new testaments, while keeping in the context of Salvation. Here is an excellent example of that.
Holy City First and Last